Dr. Walsh is a Clinical Psychologist and a senior member of the Australian Psychology community. His private practice in Brisbane’s Spring Hill was established in 1989 and offers a range of services catering to the various needs of:

  • Patients
  • Professional Recruitment and Development Clients
  • Established organisations including WorkCover, Comcare, Government Departments, and corporate clients including law firms.

Dr. Walsh has been a registered psychologist since the registration of psychologists began in 1979. He has been a practicing Clinical Psychologist for 36 years.

Quick Facts about Dr. Frank J. Walsh Psychology:

  • Private Psychology Practice in Brisbane’s Spring Hill, close to Central Station and established in 1989.
  • Practicing Clinical Psychologist for 36 years
  • Australian Society of Psychologists member since 1988
  • Provides confidential therapy for adolescents, adults, couples and families
  • Provides professional executive recruitment and development services
  • Provides professional psychological assessment services for individuals, government departments and courts